Luis Rosenfeld

Originally from South America, Luis Rosenfeld has lived in Paris, Washington DC, and Brooklyn, NY. He currently resides in both Baltimore and Detroit.

Rosenfeld considers his art “serendipity art”. His work blends photography, street art, and unwilling collaborations. Rosenfeld divides his time between Baltimore, Detroit, and Brooklyn making art and developing the non-profit organizations that he founded through Graffiti Warehouse in Baltimore and Temple of Oz in Detroit.
As a photographer, Rosenfeld’s technique and manner has aptly been called “shock and awe.” Rosenfeld rarely thinks twice about a photo. If he sees a subject that interests him, he goes with his intuition and he doesn’t look back. Rosenfeld loves people who are original and who are not afraid to be themselves no matter what society says.
As a street artist, Luis Rosenfeld “bombed” the walls of Bushwick, Brooklyn with his polypasting technique. Between 2012 and 2017, he maintained his photos on the street which required paint stripping graffiti, washing off wheatpasted posters, and repairing pieces when necessary. “Polypasting” involves Rosenfeld using polyurethane to adhere his prints to different surfaces (brick, concrete, wood, canvas, etc.) and then coating his prints with polyurethane to protect them and give them a glossy, semi-transparent look.
Once other artists have painted on top of his pieces, Rosenfeld uses paint strippers and other solutions to remove the paint from key parts of the photos, such as the eyes, mouth, nose, and fingers of the subjects. This process is repeated many times during the lifetime of the piece. Each time a new composition is created on top of the old one. Rosenfeld decides what to leave and what to remove so that the piece becomes more dynamic and colorful, but the original energy and soul remains.

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