Will Fernekees

Will Fernekees Artist, Maker

Works Type: Mixed Media, Found Objects, Leather, Foam Mediums: Foams, Resins, Wood, Metal, Leather, Clay

My creative journey began with applying special fx makeup every year on Halloween. From cuts and gouges to full face prosthetics. Next stop, the world of STEAMPUNK and a new found passion for the Post-apocalyptic Steampunk genre, and a leather working class. Along with that and cosplay, came foam-smithing where I started transforming foam floor mats and foam board, into spears, swords, shields and armor. I am now exploring found object and mixed media art where I'm letting my imagination run wild in order to create unique and original artistic looking weapons and objects.

My passion in my work comes from two main sources: First, I love taking a 'something' and making it look convincingly like something else entirely. There's a certain magic to that for me. Second, I allow my my mind to create and explore a world in which my creation might be found in. Its a great workout for the imagination and it helps keep the piece believable. I want my work to look like it could function iand for things to make sense...as much as possible. My hope is that my art invokes awe and wonder in the viewer, maybe even inspire them somehow. I like to challenge the observer's perception of reality and create alternative possibilities.

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